1 – 3 February, Murmansk

Living Earth at Inversia

The two workshops, the Field Recording Lab and the Critical Writing Academy will be held throughout each day of the festival with participating cultural practitioners from the region. On Friday evening, Living Earth will present an audio performance by BJ Nilsen, and on Saturday a video by Justin Bennett will be screened. This event will be followed by a talk by the artists and curators of the Dark Ecology project. Screenings of seven Vertical Cinema videos and experimental films will also take place on Saturday evening. For detailed information on opening hours and ticket sales please check the local organiser's webpage.

Thursday 1 to Saturday 3 February

Field Recording Workshop by BJ Nilsen and Petr Makarov

The Field Recording Lab will present its participants with the audio palette of Murmansk city - from the scarcely perceptible sound of tundra, to the ambience of industry with its rattling noises of cranes and port trains. Venue: Leosound studio

Critical Writing Academy by Hilde Sørstrøm and Maria Sarycheva

Participating young authors, critics, bloggers and journalists from the Nordic countries and North-West Russia are invited to immerse themselves in the arts of the festival and the viscous atmosphere of industrial Murmansk as it gradually returns from the Polar Night. Venue: Murmansk Scientific Library

Friday 2 February

unearthed 2014-2018 by BJ Nilsen, audio performance

unearthed 2014-2018 captures the uncanny contrasts within the soundscapes on the borderland between Norway and Russia, where the sparse beauty of the Arctic landscape meets with industrial decay and heavy pollution. Here, the performance opens up for an imagining of the landscapes, geography, and circumstances that have been represented. Venue: Ledokol night club at 22:00 unearthed 2014-2018 stems from unearthed in 2014, which remains an ongoing collaboration between BJ Nilsen and filmmaker Karl Lemieux.

Saturday 3 February

Vilgiskoddeoayvinyarvi: Wolf Lake on the Mountains by Justin Bennett, video screening

The piece centres on the figure of Viktor, a fictional geologist who worked at the Kola Superdeep Borehole (KSD) near the Norwegian border, and who decided to remain on site when the facility had been abandoned. In the video, Viktor’s voice will again guide us around the KSD, linking the features of his surroundings to aspects of the past, to himself, and to the connections between the geology of the area and Sami shamanism and divination. Venue: Murmansk Regional Museum, at 16:30. Followed by a talk at 17:00 by Dark Ecology organisers & artists. The video premiering at Inversia has been based on Bennett’s sound-walk, Vilgiskoddeoayvinyarvi: Wolf Lake on the Mountains that was part of the Dark Ecology Journey in 2016. Vertical Cinema A programme of the 2017 Dark Ecology-commissioned videos that have been made especially for the vertical cinema format alongside other previous commissions by Sonic Acts. Venue: Laplandia Culture Centre, at 20:00.
Still of the film High Tide by Lukas Marxt

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