Dark Ecology Video Diary: Day 4

Tuesday 14 June 10:20

Dark Ecology Video Diary: Day 4. On Sunday 12 June, the final day, we traveled back to Kirkenes and to the site of Cecilia Jonsson’s new work Prospecting: A Geological Survey of Greys, the journey was accompanied by a new composition by Peter Meanwell. In the evening there was the performative lecture Echolocation (Session) by Nickel van Duijvenboden, and the improvised performance Mikro by HC Gilje and Justin Bennett. Together with Fridaymilk we will publish a series of video diaries about Dark Ecology, including interviews with the artists and about the journey itself. All videos will be published on darkecology.net

Dark Ecology Video Diary: Day 4 from Sonic Acts on Vimeo.

Produced by Fridaymilk Concept and idea by Sonic Acts and Hilde Methi Music by Noya

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