Dark Ecology Residencies in Progress

A new series of Dark Ecology residencies began this month. Joris Strijbos explored the northern region for a site for his commissioned audiovisual outdoor work, IsoScope, and HC Gilje and Justin Bennett are working in the border zone on, respectively, a new audiovisual work and a sound walk. Composer and trombonist Hilary Jeffrey will work with musicians from Murmansk in a new formation of his ensemble LYSN. Germany-based architect Tatjana Gorbachewskaja has returned to her former hometown Nikel to work on a series of curated walks exploring the materiality of Nikel, which will take place during the Dark Ecology Journey in 2015. Further, Espen Sommer Eide and Signe Lidén have just returned from conducting their research into the sound memories of local residents, with their Nikel Sound History Club, which will inform the instruments that they will build and use for performances in 2016. Go to the Sonic Acts flickr page for an impression of these ongoing residencies.

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