Signe Lidén & Espen Sommer Eide - Altitude and History

Signe Lidén / Espen Sommer Eide. Photo by Hilde Methi
Espen Sommer Eide and Signe Lidén will take participants on an evening trek in the mountains above Nikel, where they will investigate the acoustic phenomena in relation to the topography of the area while relating them to the local history. Eide and Lidén will have their specially developed mobile, meteorological music instruments with them, which they will install and activate at various places during the trek. Listeners will hear that wind, weather, atmospheric pressure and the temperature of the air, as well as the refraction, diffraction and reverberation of the landscape all affect sound and its propagation in the air. Eide and Lidén will map the history of the area vertically, from the ground up, into the different atmospheric strata. This history is shaped and moved by the weather conditions at different altitudes. What is the height of history? The trek will last about 3 hours. Participants are encouraged to bring sturdy, water-resistant shoes and attentive ears.

Altitude and History from Espen Sommer Eide on Vimeo.

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