Margrethe Iren Pettersen

Margrethe Iren Pettersen (NO) is a florist with a Bachelor’s degree from the Academy of Contemporary Art in Tromsø. As an artist and cultural producer, she likes to take a place or landscape as a starting point from which she derives interdisciplinary narratives. In the past, Pettersen has worked with forgotten gardens and poisonous plants and weeds. By combining these organic materials with sound she explores the connections between nature and culture, often reflecting on the themes of ecology and transformation in one way or another. Pettersen is interested in different ways of disclosing art, which is why a single work often takes many different forms ranging from interactive sculptures, outdoor happenings, public cultivation and soundwalks, to more traditional pieces in a gallery. Last year Petterson was part of ART Ii Biennale of Northern Environmental and Sculpture Art (FI). This year her work has been exhibited at RAM Gallery (Oslo), Svolvær Artist Association and Tromsø Center for Contemporary Art. Pettersen has started several artist-run spaces. At the moment she is on the board of Røst Artist in Residency and Loftet Arbeidsfellesskap (a studio collective in Tromsø).

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