LYSN: Murmansk Spaceport - ЛИСН: Мурманский Космодром

Hilary Jeffery’s Murmansk Spaceport is an environment designed for exploring unknown territories. During November 2015 musicians from Murmansk (RU) and Bodø (NO) in the Barents Region work together with Hilary Jeffery in a new formation of LYSN to perform Murmansk Spaceport. A port is a place of departure and arrival, of temporary transactions and unstable conditions. Murmansk Spaceport encourages the musicians to travel imaginatively into areas they do not know, to explore dark territories of which they have little or no experience. For Hilary Jeffery this means exploring the atmosphere and mood of Murmansk in November, which for him is unusually dark. Additionally, he attempts to enter into the sound of Russian, a language unknown and new to him. In a similar way each musician is asked to explore areas in which they are non-expert, to literally enter the dark and unknown. With music as a central focus, various means are used for navigation, including solo and group improvisations, introspective language explorations, sound and image recording, associative writing and map making. LYSN / ЛИСН Ekaterina Efremova – vocals, guitar, accordion, electronics Andrey Gaiduk aka 23:59 – computer, electronics Hilary Jeffery – trombone, computer, composition Anastasia Koluntaeva – trumpet Svetlana Matveeva – vocals, guitar, keyboards Timur Mizinov – trumpet, guitar Victor Skorbenko – vocals, guitar, electronics Anna Rotar – trombone Kristin Alsos Strand – cello

LYSN: Murmansk Spaceport - ЛИСН: Мурманский Космодром from Sonic Acts on Vimeo. Murmansk Spaceport is a commission for the second Dark Ecology Journey (2015).

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