Lucy Railton & Russell Haswell - Unknown

Commission 'unknown' Lucy Railton & Russell Haswell
In residency in Kirkenes, Lucy Railton & Russell Haswell (UK) have researched, recorded and developed a new work which was premiered at the Borealis Contemporary Music Festival in Bergen on 14 March, 2015. Their collaboration exploits the languages of contemporary instrumental music and hybrid analogue/digital synthesis. The Dark Ecology team joined forces with Borealis and Landmark/Bergen Kunsthall for this unique performance where Railton and Haswell bring a collection of material conceived in the empty landscapes of the North together with the more immediate interplay of their improvised performance practise. The work draws on their time in the industrial and natural surroundings of the Barents Region, creating a conceptual and musical link between Kirkenes in the Northeast of Norway and Bergen over 2000km to the Southwest. Lucy Railton and Russell Haswell talk about their impressions from their Dark Ecology residency in Kirkenes and surroundings in February 2015, where they spent a week to get inspiration for a new collaborative work.

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