HC Gilje - Barents (Mare Incognitum)

Dark Ecology Residency HC Gilje (photo by artist)
Barents (Mare Incognitum) is an outdoor video installation by HC Gilje in Nikel (RU). The installation shows a slowly rotating view of the Barents Sea: up becomes down, East becomes West. HC Gilje shot the footage for the video in the border zone between Norway and Russia, facing the North Pole. He used his custom-built orbital camera, which slowly rotates around its own axis and captures the world that revolves around it, thus allowing for an atypical exploration and experience of spaces and landscapes. Border and thresholds become invisible, and the potential disaster inherent in the ocean is made visible. Barents (Mare Incognitum) is a commission for the second Dark Ecology Journey (2015). Thanks to the Childrens' Art School in Nikel for providing work space.

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