Signe Lidén & Espen Sommer Eide - Altitude and history

Friday 10 June

19:00 - 22:00

Nikel Skihut

What does it mean to be present in a place, to sit still, listening to faraway cries of dogs and shouts of children carried by the wind. Your memories are not invited, yet still they come. Like the instant formation of resonance within a chamber, there is no present without a past. The present is always the past presented. Tracing Nikel’s audible past, Signe Lidén and Espen Sommer Eide organised the ‘Nikel Sound History Club’ in the autumn of 2015, bringing together a group of local residents who have lived here most of their lives. They asked them to remember the sounds and soundscapes of Nikel in certain eras and areas, and try to put into words what they sounded like. From their imaginations they brought back the old soundscape of Nikel. The sound of wood being chopped in the apartments before the morning stoves were lit, the animal clamour from the collective farms, the lost bird sounds of the forests now burnt away. The soundwalk Altitude & History in the hills above Nikel evolved from this research. The meeting point is the Nikel Ski Hut at 19.00. The hike will last approximately 3 hrs. Please bring good shoes.

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