Fridaymilk Talkshow

Friday 27 November

20:00 - 23:00

Ledokol Club, at Park Inn, Knipovich Str 17, Murmansk

Free admission For the Friday evening programme in Murmansk, Dark Ecology hooks up with Fridaymilk. Fridaymilk is a platform for art, communication and production based in Murmansk, and they organise a long-running series of live discussions on art and culture. The attractive and varied talkshow will combine interviews, talks, and presentations in which curators of Dark Ecology and featured artists of the Dark Ecology project get a chance to present and discuss their ideas and work. Featuring Fridaymilk’s Oleg Khadartsev (RU) and Zhanna Guzenko (RU), with Arie Altena (NL), Britt Kramvig (NO), Margrethe Pettersen (NO), Tatjana Gorbachewskaja (RU), Joris Strijbos (NL), HC Gilje (NO), and Hilary Jeffery (UK). More about the exact programme will follow.

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