Sounding Provocations

Friday 10 April 11:00

Philip Vermeulen's installation More Moire². Photo by Pieter Kers.
by Jeannette Petrik “It'll be about forty-five minutes until it's your turn“ until then just stand here, wait, look at, listen to observe, unfold your sensibilities, breathe in absorb what there is to absorb while you wait, in line, in a void between historicity and a white blob, a cube covered with boldness like slogans “in the end, you've had your chance” “all violence is the illustration of a pathetic stereotype” “bullshit” the one next to me comments between dread and pleasurable mourning a drone of sound fills the cube and immerses me in a film stuck in some kind of a waiting room, the mellowing soundtrack, uncomfortable yet, beautiful, somehow the slogans fragment as letters become letters forming words forming messages simulating wisdom like entertaining postcards, violin, classical singing, distortion a soundtrack to an unknown film, before my field of vision is moire I'm present, yet, without points of reference it absorbs and unfolds inside of me my I and my ego vanish it feels valuable to get lost and fade back into myself, unfamiliar familiar escapism amplifies whatever directs reality sadness, loneliness, sensitivity, momentarily

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