Sonic Acts and the Eternal Present. In conversation with SITOI the doveheart

Wednesday 4 March 12:05

SITOI. Photos by Afopefoluwa Ojo.
by Afopefoluwa Ojo The point of a dove is to dove The point of a dove is too to dive. And where do doves dive to I tire for abysses and empty spaces Or the sounds that they produce You said you had a dove In your mouth I want to see it And I imagine the back of your throat to be A secret word My head wrings like a motor Clocking into a silhouette From across my window; Gathering light I am thinking of you Why do you have a dove in your mouth Or I will see you tonight But it is not yet tonight Now is the eternal presence Outside De Brakke Grond The (withering) tree is set in golden light A sixty seven year old man talks to me about the eternal present Offers me natural grown things to escape the matrix: blue pill red pill My horoscope says I am meta af So I will not reference my work in my work My dream is to defy the stars, align with them Or be one of them He calls me Yemọja there is no need to tell him what to call me by he knows the ones who worshipped /worship us He volunteers himself and we are align alive like squares and circles; See you next year, he says I thought we would sooner see! Yeah I know your pronouns But what are your nouns I hope you don’t care for them I say to man: that he is nothing See things; Hollywood voices A midnight walk Kisses from the sun The eternal present! Raindrops pettle fur coats The wind hurtling murder The eternal present.. I want to know why you eat birds I want to see the back of your throat And when you feel love do literal feathers flutter in the pit of your stomach Are you phantom? Reetta I am phantom See things; A petri dish of ayamásèé twirling in the twilight Sirens wailing like the city is a crime Humans resist their progress The fear feeds the machine baby like Cerelac This is how to answer the man and woman Who asks about indigenous groups Brought over the Pacific for things Google can find Quite frankly no one has the time But if you want they could set a Table before you and feast On sweet things Are you loving me? Ṣo fẹ́ fẹ́ mí ni? Love is an interaction with the present The eternal present; So modular like music So here I am The after-night life A future friend optimises to write an optimism She finds a dystopia And blood is running low Lifelight flash before my eyes A boy breaks into a secular dance jazz I am writing at the back of the club If I drink tonight let me puke my life I didn’t meet you tonight dove heart of The eternal present I am going home Till we meet again What is not the sound The sound is not getting caught up in your own academic research and rhetoric Sound if anything; is unformulaic Fills a void; resounds; plays ignorant Academics sound like capitalists when they talk About funding and the length of their air b n b s SITOI you research your soul Making love songs from the mundane Or because of the mundane Or because you hate love songs They sound like hollow shades of white Terike Haapoja introduces herself as an artist “Just?” the moderator asks “Not just,” she says What she’s trying to say is that there’s knowledge only acquired experientially Nabil Ahmed shows a poster of my people saying, “Gas flaring kills Ogoni” I want to interview him But if someone says “bYE!” Emphatically Does that mean they never want to see you again. Ha! We meet in the lobby Tall and lovely Both blonde and brunette Reetta listen there are no questions only answers
SITOI. Photo by Afopefoluwa Ojo.
You say: hip hop influence, writing; enjoy writing a lot. You say: so you started off as a writer, rap lyrics, contemporary, some acting. Everything is spoken in Finnish. Finnish sounds like Yorùbá. There is neither he nor she in both languages. You say: all the lyrics come from very personal aspects; of your part in activism; understand that words have meanings; a way of shaping language; to actively think about space; the texture of words; language and stuff. It all begins on the page; which is to say it all starts with the text; working with people open to this kind of innovation; the drama is built around the text; the relationship between the tension between the noise and the music and the words
SITOI. Photo by Afopefoluwa Ojo.
You say: I am a bit of a control freak, quite private person. I want everything to be coherent. It comes in the live performance, the improvisations. Playing more with Noah, he has a DJ background. Very nice and easy way of working. In Helsinki, in Finland, sort of a weird act, hard to get bookings. With Noah, feels very natural. Anatomy and biology, surrealism in banal places, taking everything I’m interested in and putting into a story. A weird perspective makes it more interesting to me; abhorring love songs, loving contradictions.

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