Embrace the multitude. In celebration of multidisciplinary practice at the Sonic Acts Biennial 2022

Sunday 20 November 09:02

Flashing Horizons. Sonic Acts Biennale, 2022. Photo by Pierre Zylstra.
by Noé Cottencin We enter an ambiguous territory, walking through the doors of the Flashing Horizons club night headquartered at OT301, launching the beginning of the Sonic Acts Biennial. ‘We’ being a fictional group of party goers created for the sake of this text, wearing caps and sunglasses in protection for the global drip and climate disorder combined, and lots of jewels and amulets to attract good spirits. It has come to our attention that works at the intersection of different media can sometimes be overlooked by art media and academia, perhaps because they are too complex, or do not fit a certain required format. But let this multidisciplinary aspect be asserted, ready or not, you will receive it. In the territory we are going through, breaking down the separation between genres, disciplines, and formats, is required and essential to gain clarity as we try to coexist in a world in constant evolution. This is a political statement, being multiple and uncontainable is our goal. We enter this territory where the multiple essence of this collective experience is experimentation mixed with fantasy, where the music, pushing the boundaries of genre, takes its references from pop to hardcore fusion by way of black artists pioneers. Here, the music becomes something else, existing outside of its realm, turning into a tool to rethink the way we interact. This is the Function of the Oblique adapted to club life: constant movement, absence of hierarchy, general dialogue between people and things. It’s here that we get the closest to the multitude we are looking for, where there is no separation between art and life, and where we reflect on the way we are interconnected. https://www.sonicacts.com/biennial/biennial-2022/programme/flashing-horizons

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