Hugo Esquinca and Yuk Hui – On 'A Psychedelic Becoming'

Hugo Esquinca’s live multichannel intervention On ​‘A Psychedelic Becoming’ at Sonic Acts Academy 2020 confronts recursion and its openness to the necessity of contingency. The work follows that of his collaborator, philosopher Yuk Hui, who outlines these notions in his book Recursivity and Contingency (2019). The compositional framework involves modal amplification, spatial distribution and processual (dis)organisation. Yuk Hui reflects on their resonant consequences and emerging relations as part of the intervention.

Commissioned by Sonic Acts as part of Re-Imagine Europe, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. Sound artist Hugo Esquinca​’s research as intervention/​intervention as research in sound explores different degrees of exposure to thresholds of indeterminacy, spectral de-gradation, erratic processing techniques and excessive levels of amplification. Yuk Hui studied Computer Engineering and Philosophy at the University of Hong Kong and Goldsmiths, Univerisity of London, with a focus on philosophy of technology. He currently teaches at the Bauhaus University in Weimar. He is initiator of the Research Network for Philosophy and Technology, an international network which facilitates researches and collaborations on philosophy and technology. Presentations Sonic Acts Academy 2020 23 February 2020 De Brakke Grond Touch Me Festival 21 September 2020 Zagreb, Croatia

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