Panel The Defeat of Time, Part 2: Carl Michael von Hausswolff (Sonic Acts XII, 2008)

Sonic Acts is a biannual festival at the intersection of arts, science, music & technology. "The Defeat of Time" was a talk with Joachim Nordwall and CM von Hausswolff‭, ‬moderated by Mike Harding. Following their respective performances in Paradiso on Thursday night,they discussed drone music‭ and ‬how it affects the listeners and their sense of time‭.‬ Guitarist‭, ‬graphic designer and sound manipulator‭ ‬Stephen O’Malley‭ (‬USA‭) ‬spreads a gospel of drones‭. ‬He is a member of the drone metal band Sunn‭, ‬and plays in Ginnungagap‭, ‬KTL and Lotus Eaters‭. ‬His many collaborations include working with sound artists Greg Anderson‭, ‬Dylan Carlson‭ (‬Earth‭), ‬Oren Ambarchi‭, ‬Masami Akita‭, ‬Attila Csihar and visual artists Banks Violette and Nico Vascellari‭. Joachim Nordwall‭ (‬SE‭) ‬is the director of the Swedish label iDeal and a member of, amongst others, the Alvars Orkester and The Skull Defekts‭. ‬He is‭ ‬the curator of the Drone People event on Thursday night in Paradiso‭, ‬and of the subsequent 24-hour Drone People event at the New Music Stockholm‭, ‬which are inspired by the work of‭ ‘‬drone gods‭’ ‬LaMonte Young and Tony Conrad‭.‬ Carl Michael von Hausswolff‭ ‬‭(‬SE‭) ‬is a composer, conceptual visual artist‭ ‬and a leading figure in the field of radical sound performance‭. ‬His audio compositions from 1979‭ ‬to 1992‭ ‬consist essentially of complex drones‭. ‬His most recent works are pure‭, ‬intuitive‭ ‬studies of electricity‭, ‬frequency functions and tonal autism‭. Mike Harding‭ (‬UK‭) ‬is a curator‭, ‬producer‭, ‬lecturer and music publisher‭. ‬He has been running the audio-visual publishing house Touch with Jon‭ Wozencroft since 1982‭. ‬He is a member of sound installation creators freq_out and a member of Field‭. ‬He started the project‭ ‘‬Spire‭’ ‬in 2004‭, ‬which combines organ‭s with electronic music‭. The panel "The Defeat of Time" ensued the performances of The Drone People on 22 February, 2008.

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