Panel Perception and Illusion: Ulf Langheinrich: Interference Moments (Sonic Acts XII, 2008)

Sonic Acts is a biannual festival at the intersection of arts, science, music & technology. Cinema creates an illusion through the projection of 2D-images and sound‭. ‬But what if we go beyond the audiovisual illusion‭? ‬And what are the tricks that cinema can use to affect how the brain processes information in the visual cortex‭? ‬A researcher and a media artist share their views‭. ‬ Frank Kooi‭ ‬‭(‬NL‭) ‬received his PhD from the School of Optometry at University of California‭, ‬Berkeley, in 1990‭. ‬He is currently leader of the‭ ‬Applied Perception group at TNO Human Factors where he combines knowledge of human perception with technological developments‭.‬ The German media artist‭ ‬Ulf Langheinrich‭ (‬D‭) ‬founded the media art collaboration Granular Synthesis together with Kurt Hentschläger‭. ‬They created numerous large scale immersive installations such as‭ ‬Modell5‭, ‬Noisegate‭ ‬and‭ ‬Areal‭. ‬Since 2003‭ ‬Langheinrich has realised various solo projects aimed at achieving a direct sensory impact‭. ‬These works focus on creating specific modulations of the projected material in time and the projection-space‭, ‬and on effecting interference movements between the perceptive and processing potential of the eye-brain apparatus‭. This talk was given as part of the panel 'Perception and Illusion', together with Frank Kooi, on 23 February, 2008.

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