Sunday Seminar: Catherine Christer Hennix

18.02. 15:00 – 16:45Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

On the occasion of the exhibition Catherine Christer Hennix: Traversée du Fantasme and the performance Blue(s) in Green to the 31 Limit, the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and Sonic Acts organise a Sunday Seminar on the work artist and musician Catherine Christer Hennix. Marcus Boon, writer and Professor of English at York University in Toronto, will talk with Hennix to discuss how her many practices – mathematician, logician, composer, musician, visual artist, and Lacanian – coalesce into her diverse oeuvre presented at the Stedelijk. While Catherine Christer Hennix is best known as a sound artist and composer, she has also produced a body of visual art that crosses boundaries between painting, sculpture, and anti-art – what Hennix refers to as Epistemic Art. Hennix’s work plays with the transmission of meaning, drawing on a wide range of references that touch on logic, intuitionistic mathematics, modal music, and psychoanalysis. Using an overtly obtuse and densely formalised personal language, Hennix forces the uninitiated viewer towards a state she terms homosemioesis – a subjective process of meaning-making that nullifies any possibility of a transfer of knowledge between the work of art and the viewer. The performance Blue(s) in Green to the 31 Limit and the exhibition Catherine Christer Hennix: Traversée du Fantasme are organised by Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam in collaboration with Sonic Acts as part of their collaborative mission to diversify the canon of sound art. Part of Re-Imagine Europe, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. 15:00 Word of welcome by Karen Archey 15:10 Marcus Boon introducing the oeuvre of Catherine Christer Hennix 15:30 Marcus Boon in conversation with Catherine Christer Hennix 16:30 Q&A More information and tickets
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