Sensing the Place

23.02. – 25.02. Motorkade 9

Sensing the Shipyard was a student research project at Damen Shiprepair. Artist Cocky Eek, with several tutors, led this collaboration between ArtScience Interfaculty (KABK) and Sonic Acts Academy. The students were invited to think about different possibilities for sensing a place and to create maps based on their cognition of smell, touch, vibrations, light, sound, etc. As an outcome of their research, they devised an experimental and experiential environment in which visitors embark on a sensing trip based on uncommon approaches to navigating through space. Participating students: Ana Oosting, Anni Nöps, Catherine Ostraya, Vakki Park, Jesús Canuto Iglesias, Mischa Lind, Sophia Bulgakova, Soeria van den Wijngaard, Vera Khvaleva, Youngji Cho. Friday and Saturday: 12:30–20:00 Sunday: 13:00–19:00
Sensing the Place (photo by Pieter Kers)
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