Materialising a More-Than-Human Internet of Things

24.02. 15:30 – 16:00Birgit BachlerArtist presentation

Live Streams – Materialising a More-Than-Human Internet of Things

How can we learn from the more-than-human world when building networked media? Departing from the concept of an Internet of Things as a means to give voice to non-human ‘things’, her research seeks to develop experimental prototypes for grassroots, community-run digital networks, and DIY electronic devices as artistic interventions. This is done to imagine novel ways of (re-) connecting with disconnected waters and their more-than-human ecosystems. In her doctoral research, she specifically engages with local stream ecologies in Wellington that have largely disappeared from the cityscape and have been piped underground due to urban development. Data collected during fieldwork combines a variety of knowledge through interviews and observations as well as audio and video field recordings and sensor data, such as GPS, humidity, conductivity, and temperature. In this talk, she discusses the challenges and opportunities of creating and evaluating artworks and design artefacts within a more-than-human context.
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